Film Frame / Wafer Input for Test Handlers

With the BT152 film frame/wafer input, we offer a solution to a wide range of LED component and semiconductor processes. For example, the input can be applied to optical and electrical testing of sawn ceramic-or silicon based LEDs. The handler could be combined with a tray output or our film frame/wafer output module for bin block sorting. In other systems the input could be used for an AOI system, packing tested good units into tape and reel.

Systems with the new blue-tape input work at a speed of over 10k UPH. The system will be delivered complete with stretcher and film frame magazine handling. The applicable wafer size is 6 inch, with an 8 inch version currently under development for packages sizes from 1.5mm x 1.5mm to 10mm x 10mm

Along with the tester hardware, we can provide high speed, high accuracy test systems that fit exactly your requirements, is flexible and future proof. The tester software can map the products on the film frame/ wafer according to test results. With full network capability, all production data and the machine status can be remotely accessed and parameters changed.

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