Modular vs. Engineering Customization

Micro Modular Systems designs often follow what we call “modular customization”. We apply well-tested module designs to a rotary, linear or X-Y(-Z) platform, offering you economical process step combinations that are else only found in expensive separate machinery. With our machine software platform we are able to combine modules and integrate them seamlessly for high speed and accuracy.

All modules are designed for maximum flexibility to product changes and constantly updated by our design engineering. We also add new module designs, coming from our extensive R&D.

The result is a unique way to offer you exactly the machine you need at a fraction of the price of a production line with separate processes. It is also lowering the engineering costs making modular customization more economical than fully customized machines.

We always design with the future in mind. The designs are easily adaptable to changes in the product or process with low changeover-times.

Ever changing production requirements and proprietary production processes and methods require at times entirely new solutions. At times the requested design are very specific to a customer's product and process. For example, we design and build assembly machines for multiple parts on one platform. In this case our design team is designing the whole machine from scratch. With many years of experience and a creative design team we are able to provide these fully tailored solutions. Close collaboration with you and extensive testing before delivery, as well as a flexible setup-team guarantee tailored solutions that work.


Micro Modular System is a specialist for LED and semiconductor test- and production machines. Our machines are fully customizable to your requirements. With our modular approach to customization we are able to offer you many combinations of input and output, along with a tailored process.
Depending on the process required, the product size and characteristic and the requirements for speed and accuracy, we will propose a linear, rotary or X-Y(-Z) platform.

We will then propose the combination of inputs, for example tubes, the process steps, like laser marking and optical testing and the output option, for example tape ‘n reel.

Based on this we will calculate speed, cost and lead time estimate and compile everything in a document for discussion. After your review, we will change the proposal until all your requirements are met and the process is optimised.

The complete proposal process relies strongly on our experienced design engineers who not only have a deep understanding of production processes, but also vast experience in product manufacturability.
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