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A few brief facts about MMS: Founded in 1997 we design and build back-end automation solutions for the LED and semiconductor industry in Penang, Malaysia. With about 80 employees, we provide customised modules, machines or production lines. We focus on testers and handlers, yet also design and build machines for singulation, trim & form and automation for assembly processes. MMS strengths are custom-designed machines that provide flexible and fast solutions to our customers world-wide even for the most complex tasks.

The basis for our designs are well-tested modules on a common machine platform, adapted specifically to your requirements. We combine this core machine with modules we design to handle the precise product family and process required by you. Our design team’s experience and the proximity to our customers’ product development, drive our continuous R&D efforts. These efforts in mechanical, control system and software design are directed to new product development for improved productivity and high versatility of equipment. As a result we offer tailored, high-speed machines, handling our customers’ newest and most advanced products in the shortest time.

Some examples of the machines we have delivered are chip-on-board production and test line AOI machines, singulated LED component test and sorting machines, and machines for electronic components testing and packing. We specialise in providing customised automation. The videos in this channel are examples of the wide variety of designs we provide. Modules are combined on rotary, linear or X-Y-based platforms. There are almost no limits to the combinations.

As machine makers, we know how important a technological advantage is to you. We will always apply strict measures of non-disclosure. We can even provide separate assembly areas with electronic access control. We are focusing our efforts on providing complete solutions to the LED industry. Evolusys, as part of the MMSV group, provides tester solutions and tester integration into automation. Our specialised group of engineers are able to recommend and provide the best suitable tester solution. Our solutions include electrical, optical and camera-based testers. At Micro Modular System we are dedicated to delivering automation of the highest quality, providing machines that work well for many years, lowers your cost of ownership. And low service requirements are of course in our common interest. Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9000 since 2004. The annual re-certification process keeps us on our toes.

The MMSV group with its 100 per cent subsidiaries MMS and Evolusys is a public company, traded on the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange. As such we are dedicated to financial success and stability by prudent management. Our financial core data and reports are available on the MMSV website. We invest greatly in R&D in order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. Within the last few years, we have developed new machine platforms, innovative modules and machine software core for seamless module integration. We invest greatly in Research and Development in order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. We developed ground-breaking machine platforms, various modules and machine software core running integrated modules. MMS also makes machines and modules to print. We will quote your design package including all hardware, assembly and wiring. The project will be under the close monitoring of a design engineer at all times, allowing us to quickly identify possible design or procurement issues. We can also assist you in localising machine designs, if needed. Our project management provides you with status and schedule updates at all times. Micro Modular System – Advanced Light Test Machines

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