MMS was incorporated in 1997.Today, MMS has more than 100 employees working in a modern facility in Penang, Malaysia. Over the years, MMS provided automation solutions to many well-known multinational companies. With outstanding quality, customer focus and a philosophy of innovation, MMS became a technology-leader for high-speed and high-quality automation for semiconductor and LED production. Together with Evolusys Technologies, we provide automated LED-test solutions that are tailored to customers needs. Our customers will therefore get the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable automated test solution possible.

Micro Modular System Sdn. Bhd. (MMS) was founded in 1997, making jigs, fixtures and die-sets as well as Trim & Form systems and assembly machines for the electronic industry.
In the year 2000 our QMS was ISO 9000 certified for the first time. Re-certifications twice a year keep us on our toes.
The year 2001 marks the beginning of integrated machine design with our first clinching machine, the CM 100. Constantly updated, we are selling this successful machine until today. The same year we also developed our first machine-control software platform.
With an increase in demand for more complex and higher integrated automation, Evolusys Technologies was founded in 2002, in order to provide MMS with an improved software kernel, now common to most of MMS’ machines. Currently, Evolusys provides tailored test solutions, including user interface and machine integration.
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With the development of our turret-test handler in 2002 and the subsequent development of the VN200 and VN240 platform we are able to provide machines based on high-speed rotary turrets.
In 2004 MMS Ventures (MMSV) was founded and was publicly listed as holding company for MMS and Evolusys.
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In 2005 we moved into our facility in Bayan Lepas, Phase IV. This provided us with about 90,000 square feet (approx. 8300 m2) of modern office, assembly and QC facilities, as well as an in-house metal fabrication.
We shifted our focus further to machines for the LED production process in 2011. Building on our extensive knowledge of LED testing and in combination with our existing solutions for test handling, sorting, singulation, laser marking and more, we are now able to cover the whole backend process of low- to high-power LED production and test.
2012 having focused on low- and mid-power LEDs, we added our first Test Machine for high-power COB LEDs in that year on the basiis of the AT100 platform.
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