Clinching Machine for SnapLEDs CM 100

Clinching with our CM 100 is a reliable and environmentally friendly process designed specially to replace conventional soldering in various SnapLED end-product assembly processes.

The CM 100 offers a flexible pattern layout over a clinch area of 460 mm x 430 mm and a speed of up to 1500 units per hour depending on clinch pattern. The Modular clinching tool allows minimal cost and downtime in maintenance. With a superior clinch the connection has an excellent holding force of minimum 15 lbs (~6.8 kg) per unit per-clinch spot.

After pallet or tube input, the LEDs are checked for polarity and orientation and corrected, if necessary.  A barcode reader is available as option with the CM 100. Pull tester and uniformity tester are optionally available as complementary machines.


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