The AB330 laser-marks, singulates and sorts LEDs in arrays based on results of the AT100 test programme or other preceeding test & map solutions. It is specifically designed for metal-core product carriers, like PCBs or lead-frames. The platform’s core process is the punch & die singulation and sorting of the tested and mapped products. The punch & die module can also be used for pre-test singulation. A wide range of press sizes for the singulation process is available. All die sets are designed, built and tested in-house by MMS.

It features options like laser-marking, 2D unit/lead frame ID reading or cosmetic vision inspection. The sorting unit can be designed for example as a 32 tube drawer, with an additional motorised drawer for seamless product removal by the operator.

With variable inputs like magazine or conveyor, the system can be run stand-alone or seamlessly integrated into the production line. Automatic magazine and array orientation and array-ID checks ensure flawless operation of the system. The system processes ca. 100 substrates per hour depending on number of LEDs on the substrate and the test time.


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